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Great Site for Ergonomic Chiropractic Seating and Accessories

Posted on August 9th, 2011 by Dr. James

I just recently posted this over at the blog, and thought I’d share it here as well.  Recently while shopping for new computer chairs for at home and the offices, I stumbled across a site called

It’s a cool site with a growing catalog of more than a thousand products that meet pretty much any budget. The site offers a ton of cool ergonomic seating choices and some awesome ergon0mic workstation accessories I didn’t even know existed!

There are plenty of choices and the site has a huge variety of chairs to pick from including affordable task chairs, ergonomic chairs, and top notch executive style office chairs.   Seating isn’t the only thing this site specializes in. Browse their awesome “Ergonomics accessories” section for foot machine foot rests, ergonomic desks and workstations, and a lot more! I also love the fact that they even have a special section devoted to lumbar back supports and chairs specialized for customers with back pain.

This is not your average office chair retail outlet. The site is so devoted to posture and proper ergonomics they also provide expert ergonomic advice and can provide recommendations for seating and client workspace.  That would explain why they have so many high profile customers. According to their site they serve many well known clients such as:, Macy’s, The F.B.I., Proctor & Gamble, AT&T, Walmart Vision Centers,  Dunkin’ Donuts and many others!

Unfortunately we spend more time sitting than we ever have. We need to ensure we are sitting with proper posture and ergonomics in mind. has a ton of products to help us accomplish just that. I thought I’d pass my find along since I believe the site can benefit both your practice and your Chiropractic patients.  If a patient  needs a new computer or desk chair this is a great site for them to check out.

Here’s something else I’d like you to consider. What types of chairs are your Chiropractic office staff and other employees sitting on? As Doctors of Chiropractic we should be leading by example.  We should provide our employees and patients with top of the line ergonomic seating.   Is it time for you to update to better seating and accessories for the valuable members of your Chiropractic team? This site is the ideal place to meet your ergonomic seating and workstation needs!

I know you have limited time to browse through tons of product selections so I provided an example of  a few products that caught my interest and that I’d recommend you check out:

  • The Original Evolution Exercise Ball Chair
  • FM500 Humanscale – Rocking Foot Machine
  • Allseating TheraPod Therapist – High Back Ergonomic Office Chair: ALL-501
  • Allseating Chiroform™ Ultra 24:7 – High Back Task Chair: ALL-97111-T2
  • 345 Kore Stool – Ergonomic Rocking Stool
  • 571 Allseating CPOD™ – Mesh Back Ergonomic Office Chair
  • WallTrax1 Anatome – Wall Trax Computer Mounting System
  • SMUSB Humanscale – Switch Mouse SMUSB Ergonomic Mouse

What’s Hot:

  • Huge catalog of products
  • “Back Support” section
  • Ergonomic Chairs
  • Special “Back Pain Relief” section on their site
  • Their Ergonomic Accessories Section
  • Large selection of Lumbar back supports
  • Eco-friendly chair selections
  • Chair and Ergonomics 101 sections  for the layman
  • Volume discounts on orders of 5 chairs or more
  • “Open box” specials
  • Fast shipping
  • The very cool twitter “follow us” badge on their homepage (A blue Twitter bird sitting on a chair).
  • What’s Not:

  • Huge catalog with over a thousand products – So many selections could confuse the average consumer.
  • Some of their high end chairs and products are a bit expensive, but there is generally something for any budget so it’s not too much of a drawback.

  • Chairs for Back Pain at Sitbetter

    Our latest Chiropractic poster design offering just received an award!  Our new poster, entitled “Lumbar Vertebrae Funk”, is now the recipient of the Zazzle Top 10 Poster Views Award for June 28, 2010.  This award recognizes the most popular and most viewed posters on the site for the day. We’re proud to have so many visitors appreciate the design.

    The simple design features brightly colored lumbar vertebrae arranged in a grid patter on a contrasting black background.

    This new Chiropractic poster is available in a variety of different sizes and options.

    Stop by our Zazzle store and check out all of our unique chiropractic posters and gift  ideas. We’ve got unique Chiropractic coffee mugs, office products, Chiropractic t-shirts, and a variety of other Chiropractic related gifts.

    Chiropractic Neglect? We’ve Been a Little Busy…

    Posted on June 17th, 2010 by Dr. James

    Wow!! As most of you know, we launched a separate site for our Chiropractic press release writing, article writing, and internet and social media marketing services about a month ago:

    We are pretty blown away with how quickly things have taken off. Although we’ve always offered these services we’ve never offered them exclusively on a site.  Things have gone so well we’ve launched a blog to complement the site. It’s full of free Chiropractic marketing advice, tips, and ideas.  If you haven’t checked out the blog you should.  Read and follow us over at:

    We’ve been very busy handling the increased demands placed on us over at so if it looks like we’ve been neglecting the blog we apologize.  Most of us are wearing 15 hats right now instead of the usual 10!  We’re getting more help over at and we soon should have enough staff help for everything to run smoothly..well less bumpy anyway!  Until next time thanks for reading and keeping healing the world with Chiropractic care!

    -Dr. James

    Chiropractic Internet Marketing Burnout?

    Posted on June 10th, 2010 by Dr. James

    Many Chiropractors are still discovering the huge potential the internet and social media hold with regard to Chiropactic marketing.  These same Chiropractors jump into the Chiropracitc web marketing world with both feet and quickly become overwhelmed with all of the time, and seemingly endless tasks required to successfully market their practice via social media and the internet.  Those Chiropractors that don’t quickly give up on Chiropractic internet marketing often burn out due to ineffective management of their time.

    The whole process can be made much more manageable by simply breaking down tasks into quarter hour power sessions. What exactly is a quarter hour power session? It’s the simple concept of spending at least 15 minutes no less than once a day to do something to promote your Chiropractic practice via the internet.  We created a blog post all about it over at You can check that post out by clicking here.

    Chiropractic Success: Back to the Basics

    Posted on May 11th, 2010 by Dr. James

    A few weeks ago I had a new chiropractic patient return for her 2nd visit and she was elated.  She had suffered with headaches and neck pain for 10 years.  Medications and her MD offered little relief. Now before you roll your eyes and dismiss this as another chiropractic “miracle story”, read on.  Chiropractic did help, but it’s not even the point of my little story.

    After a routine supine diversified occiput adjustment she was already experiencing relief from her symptoms. Her neck pain and headache were gone, but to my surprise it wasn’t the main reason for her happiness.

    She was just as pleased to see improvement in her condition as I was, but she kept raving about something else. She continually commented on how happy she was to finally have a health care provider listen to her and treat her like a person.

    She spoke of how she was brushed off and swept away from MD to MD to specialist in the past.  She expressed her disgust with being treated more as a dollar sign, or object, than a person by many other health care providers.

    She complained of being greeted at most providers’ offices with “Do you have your co-payment today?”   She also expressed the reluctance with which she sought chiropractic care. (It seems her friends and family members had encountered chiropractic salesmen in the past who were preoccupied with high pressure sales of lifetime care and supplements).

    She thanked me for listening, for a no pressure chiropractic practice, and for my straightforward approach.  It was then I started to realize we sometimes take the little things for granted in Chiropractic.  What has the world become when patients are pleasantly surprised when they are treated fairly and with the respect they deserve?

    I’m known for being fair and honest with my patients.  It’s not a marketing tactic; I do it because I vowed a long time ago to treat my patients as I’d want my family members treated. During our initial meeting and report of findings I tell every patient that I have no idea whether or not Chiropractic will help relieve their symptoms.  I believe in Chiropractic; I’m just not as concerned with chasing symptoms as most patients are.  I tell each patient that there is always a benefit to Chiropractic care, but it’s not always the solution they may be seeking.

    I believe in Chiropractic and my abilities.  I’m also realistic and respectful of my limitations and the limitations of Chiropractic care.  I’m not shy about getting a patient the help they need, even if it hurts my checking account.  If I feel a patient would be better served by co-care with another type of provider I’ll happily refer them out.  In very rare cases a patient just isn’t a candidate for chiropractic care.  I am not afraid to admit that and send the patient on their way to the help they need.

    We see so many advertisements for how to get and keep new chiropractic patients, how to “explode” our practice, and how to increase our bottom line that it can knock us off course.  We can forget how powerful things as basic as our attitude or  approach to Chiropractic can be.  It’s amazing how important a follow up phone call, an extra 5 minutes, or a caring ear can be to a patient.

    Chiropractic is not about dollar signs, lifetime care, or a million dollar practice.  It’s about the patient and their best interests. Many times that is chiropractic care…and sometimes it’s not. Our priorities should always be the patient first, then the Chiropractic profession, and then our practice.  I approach Chiropractic with this attitude and it’s great to be reminded that patients do see it and respect it.

    Keep ethics, honesty, and the best interests of your patients as your main motivation. They really are the best Chiropractic marketing tools you can invest in.  The proof lies in the fact that this patient has already referred a friend and family member, not because I got her out of pain but simply because I listened and treated her with the respect she deserves.  Listen to your patients, do what’s best for them, and they will reward you monetarily and otherwise.

    I hope this little reminder serves you well.  We all need to be reminded from time to time to slow things down and focus on the basics.  The key to your chiropractic success may not be in a $800 seminar or $4,000 new patient referral marketing program. The key to your chiropractic success might be as simple as providing quality chiropractic care and treating the patient like you’d want to be treated!

    Done properly, a chiropractic press release packs a double whammy.  It can bring the attention of your local media and greatly increase traffic to your website.  First, let’s look at how a press release can garner the attention of your local media.

    The traditional inherent value of a press release is getting the attention of your local media.  A press release is noticed by, or often submitted directly to, a local newspaper or other media outlet.  These outlets, hungry to fill space, spread community related news, or looking for personal interest stories, will often contact the issuer of the press release for more information for a full story.

    This used to be the be all end all of the press release.  You submitted it to your local newspaper and media outlets and hoped for the best.  Those days are long gone and you can thank the internet.  The internet is the key to unlocking the true potential of a press release.  Thanks to the web, the press release is now one of the single most powerful marketing tools available to the modern chiropractor.

    A well written chiropractic press release can be of incalculable benefit to your chiropractic internet marketing.  Issuing press releases on a regular basis can boost your website’s search ranking, get your practice listed at the top of local chiropractic search results, drive visitors to your practice’s website, keep your name in front of your community, position you as the local expert in your field and much more.  When combined with social media and other internet marketing, a press release can reap even more benefits.

    Is there a downside? Of course.  As with anything else, there are negative aspects associated with press releases.  There is a mild learning curve and writing, editing, and submitted press releases can be a very time consuming process. Although not extremely difficult, learning to effectively write and submit press releases can take a great deal of time.  There is an easier way:

    At ChiropracticPR we believe in the power of the chiropractic press release so much we’ve built an entire site around it!  At you can take advantage of our extremely affordable Chiropractic press release services.  Simply give us a topic and we’ll write your press release for you.  No learning curve, no wasted time!

    So stop by and learn all that the Chiropractic press release can do for you and your practice.  We also offer a variety of other services such as chiropractic web site design, social media marketing campaign management, logo design and much more. your home for Chiropractic Press Releases, affordable chiropractic internet marketing resources and much more!

    Chiropractic Patient Education: Is FREE affordable enough?

    Posted on March 9th, 2010 by Dr. James

    Chiropractic PowerPoints and other Chiropractic patient education doesn't need to cost hundreds of dollars!

    Today a customer interested in one of our chiropractic patient education PowerPoint presentations emailed with a great question.
    “Do I need the PowerPoint program to use your PowerPoints?”

    Now the easy answer would be “of course you do”. This just isn’t true however. Although our presentations are created with Microsoft’s PowerPoint program, they can be used in other programs.

    That’s right! There is an alternative to Microsoft’s rather pricey Office program!  There are plenty of free PowerPoint viewers available for download. I’m not a big fan of them since most are useless for editing the presentation.  Since most of our customers buy our PowerPoints for their full edit-ability, free viewers or not my first recommendation.

    There is a near perfect alternative to all of Microsoft’s Office programs called The best part?’s suite of programs is absolutely FREE! is a suite of programs that are very similar to Microsoft’s Office. For Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint there is an free equivalent. Even better, OpenOffice will open, read, and edit Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents and vice versa.  I call OpenOffice a near perfect solution because with  some complex documents there may be some minor issues when converting between OpenOffice and Microsoft Office, but in my experience these situations are the exception. 

    Now you may be wondering why I felt the need to blog about this topic. After I returned the customer’s email I began wondering how many other Chiropractic offices miss out on the opportunity to educate their chiropractic patients with technology such as PowerPoint presentations and Word Processor templates.

    I know many new Chiropractic offices and recent graduates can’t afford Microsoft prices. Budget conscious practices in a tough economy may not be willing to shell out hundreds of dollars to educate their patients either. may be the perfect solution.

    One of our main missions is to provide affordable chiropractic patient education resources to the chiropractic profession. Our affordable chiropractic patient education products do little good to the practice that can’t, or won’t, afford expensive programs needed to use them.

    Let me clarify things and say I have nothing against Microsoft Office. It’s an awesome set of programs that allows you to do amazing things. However, it’s price tag can be a barrier for some chiropractic students and offices. I also want to point out none of us here are affiliated with We get nothing for referring you to their free programs.   We just think their free alternative to Microsoft Office is a great option.  We aren’t alone.  According to the site over 100 MILLION people have clicked to download version 3.0 of!

    Between our affordable chiropractic PowerPoint presentations and you have one less excuse for not educating your chiropractic patients!

    So head on over to and read more about their “free and open productivity suite”.  After that stop by our site and check out our affordable chiropractic, spinal decompression, and cold laser marketing and patient education products.  From PowerPoint presentations, advertising templates and kits to waiting room DVDs, we have the economical chiropractic patient education products to fit your needs!

    Even if you have no intentions of purchasing one of our products I encourage you to check out OpenOffice and begin creating your own chiropractic patient education documents and presentations.  With a little time you can create FREE chiropractic patient education presentations.  Educated patients are vital to the success of your practice and our profession.

    Hundreds of Happy Chiropractic Ebay Customers!

    Posted on February 2nd, 2010 by Dr. James

    We hate to toot our own horn too much around here but we just received our 300th feedback rating on ebay! That’s right, 300 transactions have been rated by the customer and all with 100% positive feedback!  You can see our ebay feedback ratings here.  While it may not be exciting news to you, it’s a mini-milestone for us!  After all, it’s hard enough to get busy Doctors of Chiropractic to leave feedback on ebay in the first place!

    It just demonstrates we go out of our way to produce quality products with affordable prices and a strong focus on customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on same/next day shipping on non-customized products. When it comes to honesty, customer satisfaction, and reliability we deliver!  We truly are dedicated to serving our profession and it’s so great to have our valued customers recognize  us for our customer service and great performance!  Our customers are the reason we’ve been rated an ebay PowerSeller and Top Rated Seller for the third month in a row.  Thanks to each and every one of you!

    If you haven’t checked us out on ebay now is the pefect time.  We’re still donating 10% of all our chiropractic proceeds on ebay to the American Red Cross.  So stop by and check out our current ebay listings. You’ll save some money and help the Red Cross in their disaster relief efforts in Haiti and other areas!

    Of course, if you aren’t an ebay customer we  appreciate you too! Don’t feel left out.  😉  You can help support us by leaving positive feedback and testimonials via blog comment or email.

    Chiropractic Social Media Marketing: Take Time for Success

    Posted on February 1st, 2010 by Dr. James

    Take Your Time and Let Success Find You!

    In this world of instant gratification we often waste valuable time and energy looking for the chiropractic marketing Holy Grail.  That next new breakthrough “guaranteed” to bring in hundreds of new patients “on auto-pilot”.  It’s to be expected.  After all, in this information world anything we want or need is generally only a click or two away.

    With this point of view many Doctors of Chiropractic eagerly sign up for their first free Twitter, Facebook, or other social media account.  After spending ten minutes signing up they are ready to spread the word about Chiropractic, and waiting for the instant influx of new patients to overwhelm their front office staff. 

    The problem is things don’t work this way.  Clicking a few buttons won’t drive legions of new chiropractic patients into your practice.  It never has, and it never will! 

    With the same all or nothing, instant gratification attitude they had when joining, these Doctors jump ship.  After two weeks of sporadic tweeting or updating, these practices abandon Twitter or other site because it “didn’t work”.

    The underlying problem is often the faulty view many Chiropractors hold of Twitter and other sites.  These sites are NOT a method to generate new patients rapidly.  Nor are they a venue to employ relentless “in your face” marketing or chiropractic ambulance chasing.  We should all focus on the real value social media sites provide. 

    Social media sites are a fantastic way to provide chiropractic information and build relationships.  They offer a great opportunity to provide information about your practice and are an invaluable tool to drive potential patients to your practice website, blog, or other area to learn more about you and your practice.

    Marketing your practice via Twitter and other sites can, and does, work.  It is also one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your chiropractic practice.  The problem is it takes time and most practices throw in the towel before the true benefits can be seen.

    Give Twitter and social media marketing the time they require.  Don’t expect instant results.  Focus on communicating the chiropractic message, providing information about your practice and your profession, and building relationships.  With time, the new patients and other benefits will come.

    You didn’t become a Doctor of Chiropractic overnight.  You didn’t learn to perform a side posture adjustment perfectly the first time.  You didn’t learn all of the Diversified or Gonstead setups overnight.  These things took time, practice, and dedication.  Chiropractic marketing is no different.  Success requires an investment of our time and energy and we often choose to ignore this, or even foolishly look for ways to avoid it.

    We’re still looking for submissions for examples of the most creative, most memorable, or even just downright funny names you’ve come across for Chiropractic practices. We’re going to cover the topic in a future blog post and we may even do a feature story on the winner. You can easily cast your vote for best chiropractic practice name by entering it in our twtpoll.  Or you can simply comment below or even just email your nomination.  If you want credit be sure to list your name and contact details.  And to answer a common question, YES.  You can nominate your own practice name!

    We’re also still interested in your 3 main goals for 2010 (Chiropractic or Not). You can voice your opinion here!

    We hope to wrap up submissions for both the first week of February so hurry up and enter your practice name and take a minute to let us know what your 3 biggest goals for the year 2010 are!

    While I’m wasting space updating you on things I also wanted to mention we’re still donating 10% of all proceeds of our Ebay sales to the American Red Cross to help out with the Haiti Earthquake and other Disaster Relief. We’ll be doing this at least until the end of the month and we may even do this on a larger scale if we get a good enough response. So check out our chiropractic ebay listings for great deals on chiropractic art, chiropractic patient education, cold laser patient education, spinal decompression patient education and marketing and more. You can save money with us on ebay and contribute to a worthy cause in the process!


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