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Chiropractic New Patient Orientation DVD with Narration

This is our new DVD entitled: "Chiropractic Explained: Your Orientation to Chiropractic Care."

This DVD has been adapted from our extremely popular Chiropractic New Patient Orientation PowerPoint Presentation. The powerpoint has been improved upon and tweaked to make this awesome DVD! All of the major information is the same, but more pictures and animations were added. We've also added a narrated version on the DVD so you can play the DVD with narration or set the silent presentation to run looped on a tv in a waiting room or other area!

The DVD does a great job of explaining Chiropractic care to new or prospective patients. It also does a fantastic job of explaining the subluxation, why chiropractic care shouldn't be based on symptoms, and encouraging maintenance care.

Topics addressed include:
- What is Chiropractic?
- Chiropractic Adjustments
- The Subluxation
- A Brief Review of Spinal Anatomy as it Relates to Subluxation
- What Causes Subluxations?
- The 5 Components of Subluxation.
- And much, much more!

There is an optional, fun and humorous video quiz presentation to test how well the audience paid attention. It consists of 5 multiple choice questions and runs about 3 minutes in length. It is a great way to drive home a few key points of the presentation.

As mentioned, this DVD has both a narrated and a silent version of the presentation. Both presentations present the identical information and video slideshow. The only difference is the narrated version contains an audio track with narration of the slides. This version runs about 13 minutes in length since it doesn't require your audience to read through every slide at their pace. This version with narration is great for showing in a group audience, or as a new patient orientation/ROF video.

The non-narrated silent version is set to run a little more slowly and is about 17 minutes in duration. This presentation is ideal for looping over and over again in a waiting room or other area where narration and sound can become annoying or distracting.

This DVD is perfect for those doctors who don't, or won't, use PowerPoint. It is also the ideal solution for the doctor who doesn't want to be tied to a computer or laptop to enjoy the benefits of this presentation.

How it Works:
Using the DVD couldn't be any easier! Play it just as you would any normal DVD movie. First put the DVD in your DVD player. When the main menu comes up select the video you wish to view: narrated, non-narrated, credits/terms of use, or quiz. Now just hit enter or play and you are all set! You can set this up to run unattended or navigate through it in a lecture environment with your dvd player remote. Advance, reverse, or pause the slides as you present the material.

Each video on the dvd is also continually self-looping. There is no need to setup a dvd player to play a certain video over and over. There's no need to watch over the dvd and constantly restart it. There is no programming of the DVD player required. Simply pop the DVD into your dvd player, select your video from the main menu and press play. The video will start over and replay itself when it reaches the end. This repeats over and over again until you stop it. This is an awesome feature for those doctors who like to play looped videos in the reception area or at spinal screening booths, health fairs, or other public environment.

These DVDs couldn't be easier to use and they'll play in any U.S. dvd player that can play DVD-R/DVD+R format. This includes pretty much ANY dvd player, portable dvd player, TV/DVD combination unit or Computer DVD drive manufactured in the last 5 years. If you aren't sure, simply consult your dvd player's owner's manual or the manufacturer. We've sold hundreds of dvd's and haven't had any compatibility issues yet, but contact us regarding any issues you might encounter.

View some sample clips below:

View the first 60 seconds of the narrated version on the DVD below:

Here's another short clip from the narrated version:

Check out another couple of minutes of the DVD, this sample clip is from the silent version:

Region: DVD: 1 (US, CA)

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