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This is our Cold Laser Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on cd-rom.
The presentation is entitled:
Cold Laser Therapy:
Light Years Beyond Simple Pain Relief!

This presentation is 60+ slides long and is PERFECT for MD's, DC's, PT's etc that want to educate patients and the general public on the numerous benefits Low Level Laser Therapy (aka Cold Laser Therapy) has to offer!

Show patients that Cold Laser Therapy is effective for pain relief and so much more!
- Topics covered include:
- What is low level laser therapy?
- Who uses this technology?
- Does it really help?
- What conditions does it help?
- How does it work?
- What equipment & procedures are involved?

- What is LLLT’s role in healthcare?
- And MORE!

Most importantly, all of it is BACKED WITH RESEARCH! The 60+ references and works cited are all documented. Your audience will KNOW nothing was pulled from thin air.
This presentation contains just the right amount of pictures and custom animations to keep the audience involved and entertained without being distracted.
It is also completely customizable. Type your name and clinic contact info into the designated spot and you are ready to roll! If you desire, customize it to your heart's content: you can add information, add pictures, delete slides etc. No password protected "read only" files here! The only condition is you cannot customize it with the intent to redistribute or for commercial use!
Set this up to run unattended on a laptop at a health screening, open house, trade fair, sporting event or other event. Set it up to run a monitor in your waiting room. Present it as a community service and give a lay lecture to benefit the public. You could easily present the material in a 15-30 minute lecture.
You could spend DAYS putting together a presentation like this. Believe me I KNOW. You
could save a few bucks and put together a presentation like this yourself... but why on earth would YOU? It takes DOZENS of hours to do this kind of research, not to mention citing your sources and locating pictures etc! SAVE YOURSELF THE HOURS OF FRUSTRATION!
You invested anywhere from a thousand to TEN$ OF THOUSAND$ of dollars in your cold laser equipment. Now ask yourself how equipped you are to educate the public and market that equipment. . . Here is an opportunity to do just that for next to nothing!
This presentation is intentionally NON-SPECIFIC WITH REGARD TO PROFESSION. It was written to equally meet the needs of Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists or any other health care provider who uses cold laser therapy.

You get MUCH more than you pay for. Here is what is included with your purchase:
- One cd-r disc containing your PowerPoint files. You'll get two different versions of our cold laser therapy PowerPoint presentation. One is a more basic powerpoint with smaller type, more words per slide, less animations etc. The other version is the more visually appealing version used as a basis for our DVD version. This version has less text on each slide, more pictures, more animations etc. Both are included and BOTH are entirely editable by the user!

-You will also receive several different background styles and layouts to choose from. The presentation is provided in several different background styles...with one sure to fit your tastes. If not..simply alter the presentation with whatever custom background you desire!

- The disc also includes a set of basic instructions on how to begin immediately using and customizing your PowerPoint files.

- Also included free are our free tips and ideas on how to present and utilitze the presentations effectively!! These are provided in both .RTF (word processor document) and Adobe PDF format.

Still not sure? Download our Cold Laser PPT sample document in PDF format to get a better idea of what the presentation looks and feels like. This document will show some sample slides in a better quality than our low resolution sample pics here can. Download at the link below. (Click and wait for the link to open in a new window or right click and use the "save as" option to save the document to your computer)

(file size is about 827 KB)

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