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You have already invested a great deal of your time and hard earned money on your decompression table and equipment. After this investment you are expected to pay thousands of dollars more to educate patients or advertise your equipment? Worry no more, because we have the affordable alternative!

This DVD:
- Explains what Spinal Decompression Therapy is.

- Describes the equipment and procedures used.

- Describes the three phases of care for spinal decompression.

- Encourages patient compliance

- Stresses the importance of preventative care beyond relief of pain.

- Describes why spinal decompression works.

- Lists studies and references that validate the effectiveness of spinal decompression therapy.

- And Much More!

You can check out some sample clips from the DVD by clicking the links below:
1. A short sample clip from the silent waiting room version:

2. Another longer sample clip from the silent waiting room version:

3. Here is a short sample clip from the narrated consultation version:

This dvd contains 3 DIFFERENT VERSIONS of our spinal decompresssion presentation!

1. The silent, self-looping waiting room presentation (~15 minutes)

2. The identical waiting room presentation with relaxing piano background music. (~15 minutes)

3. One narrated decompression presentation ideal for use as a patient orientation or consult video (~10 minutes in length).

The versatility of this DVD makes it the perfect affordable decompression patient education tool! It is ideal for describing the benefits of spinal decompression to both existing patients and the general public. Set it up to run on a laptop, portable DVD player, or tv at a spinal screening, health fair or open house. You can throw this in a DVD player and the silent waiting room version as a health care class lecture. You could easily present the material in a 15-20 minute lecture. Use your remote to advance or reverse through the presentation.

The narrated consult version is ideal for use as part of your new decompression patient orientation. "Loan" it to new patients to watch at home. At about 10 minutes in duration, it is just the right length. Use it anywhere you have access to a normal dvd player!

The waiting room videos are awesome! Simply start it in your waiting room or reception area and let it loop throughout the day. The DVD is self-looping so there is no need to constantly restart it, and no need to program a dvd player. When the video reaches the end it automatically starts over again at the beginning. Choose the silent version or the version with background music.

It is VERY EASY TO USE. If you can play and operate a normal DVD movie in a DVD player you are good to go. Pop this in the DVD player, and close the drawer. Then simply select the "Decompression Slide Show" icon/button on the DVD's Main Menu with your remote. Hit enter/play and walk away. The slide show runs itself. As an alternative you could actually use the DVD in a lecture environment with a TV. Use the remote to pause, advance, or reverse through the slides!

This DVD is perfect for describing spinal decompression to the general public, it goes into just the right amount of detail without being over complicated. The presentation broadly describes equipment in general and applies equally well to either the expensive or more economical decompression setups. The presentation was intentionally designed to be generic enough to apply to whatever equipment you use.

The DVD is intentionally profession non-specific. In other words, it can be used by MD's, DC's, DO's with equal effectiveness. Rather than promoting chiropractic specifically it promotes "conservative care" before the more invasive forms of treatment.

Now you have an affordable, and effortless way to educate existing decompression patients while simultaneously generating new ones in your practice!

At this ridiculously low price you can pick up a backup copy or buy two or more DVDs and loan them out to patients to watch at home!

Region: DVD: 1 (US, CA)
Running Time: Approximately 10 minutes 46 seconds for the consultation version and approximately 15 minutes for the waiting room video


Shipping Info: DVD's are shipped to US addresses only. Free Shipping is via USPS First Class Mail service.

These dvds are playable in any dvd player that can play DVD-R/DVD+R format. This includes pretty much ANY dvd player, portable dvd player, TV/DVD combination unit or Computer DVD drive manufactured in the last 5 years. If you aren't sure, simply consult your dvd player's owner's manual or the manufacturer. We've sold hundreds of dvd's and haven't had any compatibility issues yet, but contact us regarding any issues you might encounter.

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