About Us
Take a few minutes and browse through some of the Chiropractic and Healthcare related patient education and marketing
products offered today. You'll quickly see comptetitors offering products with prices of $100-$300 to thousands of dollars and
beyond! Hundreds of dollars to purchase a Chiropractic DVD, Chiropractic PowerPoint presentation!?

As a new Doctor of Chiropractic our founder became disgusted with the ridiculous and out of control prices on things such
as Chiropractic PowerPoint presentations and chiropractic patient education DVDs. He routinely saw prices established
doctors shouldn't be paying and that new doctors simply CAN'T afford! Our founder soon realized he was capable of putting
together better presentations and began making his own. The time was well spent. After seeing how effective these
chiropractic presentations were, he decided to tweak them and improve them more and offer them to his chiropractic
colleagues at prices significantly lower than the competition. Thus, ClinicallySignificantProductions.com was born!

We have grown quickly since our beginning back in 2006. We've grown from offering just a couple of Chiropractic PowerPoint
presentations to dozens of chiropractic patient education products. We now feature patient education products for
chiropractic, cold laser, and spinal decompression. We've added spinal decompression marketing kits and all sort of
beautiful hand painted and framed chiropractic art. Whether you are looking for chiropractic patient education, chiropractic
gifts, or just some unique chiropractic art, we have a product for you! We are continually expanding and constantly
developing new products, so be sure to check back soon!

How can we offer such low prices?
Well the honest truth is these presentations don't cost a fortune to produce and make! The major investment is time! SHHH!
The competition may not want you to believe that, but it's true! The cold hard truth is any computer savy doctor who can
afford (or who has access to) about $1,000-$1500 in computer software can produce similar presentations! The problem is, it
doesn't make sense to buy the required software to use only a few times. The other problem is: most doctors don't have the
required DOZENS of hours to devote to designing presentations of this magnitude! Most of our presentations took at least
1-2 months to write, design, and produce. That's with devoting several hours out of every day to nothing else!

We also have other tricks to keep production costs low and pass signifiant savings on to you the consumer:
We have a small staff to keep costs low while maintaining our ability to serve our customers! Our founder runs the majority of
the company and he has a select few individuals who help with filling orders and packaging and shipping.

You may have noticed we don't have any 1-800 customer service numbers listed. Two reasons for this. 1. Dedicated 800
phone numbers aren't cheap. 2. Hiring devoted customer service staff to answer those lines isn't cheap either! We respond
quickly to all customer service matters within 24 hours via email. We can also provide you with our customer service number
if you prefer to discuss matters over the telephone. Since We don't have a large staff and our founder wears many hats,
including being a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic (not to mention single father), email is probably the quickest way for us to
respond. We can return an email at 1:00 am if we have to, while a return phone call isn't going to be possible until time
allows for both parties.

We do everything in house and produce products in small runs to keep costs low. You also don't pay for us to outsource
and mass produce large quantities of fancy packaging and labels. We do nearly everything we can to keep costs low! We
create professional and affordable product packaging, but we also realize you are paying for high quality presentations, and
shouldn't be wasting extra money on overly elaborate packaging!

Don't assume we cut corners with quality in the presentations or product itself however. You get much more than you pay
for. Try us and we're sure you'll agree!

I'm Not so Sure!
Skeptical? You have every right to be worried when making a purchase online. With so many con artists and scams out
there it's hard to know who to trust. Check out the tons of positive feedback we have on ebay and you can rest assured
knowing we are legitimate and honest!

Click Here to read our Ebay "feedback" and see what past satisfied Ebay customers have to
say about us!

We process payments securely with Paypal and Google Checkout. These are two methods are safe and secure. We never
even see your financial information! For more information about our payment processing methods CLICK HERE.

More more information CONTACT US at: [email protected]

Looking for affordable and effective Chiropractic Patient Education? How about
some unique hand painted chiropractic art? From spine paintings to Chiropractic
PowerPoints and DVDs, we have something for you!

We are your source for affordable and effective Chiropractic patient education, Chiropractic DVDs,
Chiropractic Powerpoints, Chiropractic Videos, and Chiropractic Art. Whether you are looking for hand
painted chiropractic spine paintings, chiropractic art, or even cold laser or spinal decompression marketing or
patient education, we have the products to fit your needs!

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