Chiropractic Art
Are you sick of the same old tired "cookie cutter" chiropractic art you see hanging everywhere else? Do
you want something unique and different? Are you tired of the ridiculous prices for most chiropratic
POSTERS and framed prints? Are you looking for something other than laminated wall charts to educate
patients? Do you want that perfect chiropractic gift? We have the answer!

Try one of our HAND PAINTED chiropractic paintings. We offer hand painted quality chiropractic
paintings at an affordable price. In fact, our prices are so affordable we often see chiropractic prints and
POSTERS sold for DOUBLE our prices. When you consider our chiropractic paintings are done entirely
by hand, you'll agree our prices are a STEAL! These aren't mass produced junk. . . each one is carefully
painted by hand and each painting is a unique work of chiropractic art. Please note, since these are
hand-crafted your purchased painting may vary very slightly from the stock photos shown on our site.
Scroll down to browse through our current offerings. You'll find spine paintings, Paintings of the atlas
vertebra for upper cervical doctors, chiropractic caduceus art, B.J. Palmer inspired chiropractic qoutes
and epigrams, and so much more! If you don't see what you want, then CONTACT US. Tell us exactly
what you want and we'll come up with a custom quotation within 24 hours and email you an invoice!

About Our Paintings:
Our canvases are "gallery" or "museum" wrapped, meaning the canvas is stretched around the edges
and stapled on the back of the stretcher bars for no visible staples. The painting edges are finished and
each chiropractic painting is designed to be hung as is, or you may choose to have it custom framed to suit
your tastes at your local framing shop. We've found nooone has the same tastes when it comes to framing
and the added expenses of framing increase the price to a point that doesn't agree with our mission of
affordability. Most customers choose to hang our canvases as they receive them.

Our chiropractic art is designed for longevity. They are done on fine or medium texture acid free canvas.
Prior to painting the canvas is treated to protect against acidic deterioration. It's then treated with a
non-acidic pH solution and primed with a universal acrylic titanium formula and is stretched over wooden
stretcher bars.

We offer spine paintings, hand painted chiropractic caduceus paintings, and much more. We can even
hand paint a custom canvas for your waiting room featuring your practice logo!

Our double canvas lateral spine painting is by far our most popular piece. A large hand painted spine is
painted in black over two canvases. You can even request your own background color on this beautiful
chiropractic art. Measuring in at 4 feet tall, this chiropractic painting is sure to make a dramatic impact in
your practice, office, or home!

For more information about our chiropractic art check out our Squidoo Lens!

Framed Chiropractic Prints
We also offer framed chiropractic art. Check out some of our beautiful and affordable framed chiropractic prints and

To View Our Chiropractic Art Selection CLICK HERE!

Looking for affordable and effective Chiropractic Patient Education? How about
some unique hand painted chiropractic art? From spine paintings to Chiropractic
PowerPoints and DVDs, we have something for you!

We are your source for affordable and effective Chiropractic patient education, Chiropractic DVDs, Chiropractic Powerpoints, Chiropractic
Videos, and Chiropractic Art. Whether you are looking for hand painted chiropractic spine paintings, chiropractic art, or even cold laser or
spinal decompression marketing or patient education, we have the products to fit your needs!

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