Customized Product FAQ, Terms, and Conditions for Purchase
How it works:
The process is pretty simple for the buyer. First, ask any questions you might have, then buy and pay for your kit. Next you download
the required personalization information and release form. Complete the form and then email or fax it back to us. We need this form
returned before ANY customization work can begin on your kit! If you have have any problems or issues sending the release form
then simply email us and we can assist you. After you have submitted this information you can then submit photos via our ONLINE
or by simply emailing them.
To download the Required Practice Information and Release forms:
The forms and instructions are provided in Microsoft Word and PDF format.
Click the links below to open the file in a new window or right click them and "save as" to save to your computer's hard drive.

Microsoft Word Format:

Adobe PDF Format:

You can also fill out our practice contact information form online by clicking HERE

Remember, these forms MUST be returned for any customization work to begin on your kit. It can take up to 20-60 business days
AFTER you supply your practice info and pictures to get the kits customized. Completion time varies based on order volume. We
understand a lot of doctors are very busy, so if you will be needing a few days time to complete the forms just let us know. If you can't
fill these forms out for whatever reason simply let us know and we can send the form for you to fill out via email.


Next, take digital photos of your equipment, practice staff etc. Submit these photos to us and we'll take it from there. We spend
dozens of hours designing your kit, so it does take some time. We'll send you email updates along the way.

If you are providing digital photos of your office we will need quality digital pictures emailed or submitted to us before we can do most
of the work. If you have a website we can also try to take some photos of the website to use in the kit if they are decent quality and
with your permission. We limit photos of people to you and your staff so please don’t ask us to use any photos of patients. Please do
not submit any photos pictures with recognizable patients or other individuals in the photo since we cannot, and will not use them.
After submitting payment, the practice info/release form, and your digital photos (if you are including them) you are done! Simply sit
back, check your email inbox for updates and relax!

If you won't be submitting photos PLEASE communicate with us and let us know. The same is true if you will be taking more time to
submit photos than you originally anticipated. We know a lot of doctors are busy...sometimes we have doctors order and pay for a kit
and then take over a month to get photos to us. We also get those docs who order a kit and then go on vacation the next day and we
don't hear from them for a few weeks. Needless to say, we get nervous in these instances. Communication is key. We really don't
care how much time you need to get forms and pics submitted, just let us know.

Once we receive your practice information/release form we begin entering your practice information in the various templates. Next
we start the real work which is incorporating your submitted photos into the kit. We actually custom create display ads templates,
brochure templates, etc. If you originally indicated you'd be submitting photos but haven't at this point...we simply wait. We really
can't do any more work at this point and we won't ship your kit until its complete. If we have another kit with all information ready to
go we move on down the list. All things equal it comes down to whatever purchaser has submitted all of their information first will
usually receive their completed kit first. You may have ordered your kit four weeks ago...but if you haven't submitted photos or
information, then the guy who bought his kit 8 days ago but submitted his pics right away will end up getting his kit first. We only
ship out once the kit is entirely completed.

Dislclaimer, additional terms, etc.
YOU are responsible for knowing all applicable local, state, and federal laws before using this kit. We cannot be held responsible for
any damages arising out of your use of this kit. It's impossible for us to know the advertising laws for every profession in each
specific jurisdiction. If you are aware a form of advertising has to have a specific phrase or disclaimer etc let us know when you
provide your personalization information and we will make sure your kit is made with those particulars in mind. Any and all
questions you might have surrounding these items should be answered to your satisfation before you buy.

To make FULL use of our Spinal Decomrpession Marketing kit or our other advertising kits you need the following computer
equipment, software, accessories and items:
-A computer and printer (color if you wish to print the materials out in color)
-A CD rom drive to access the files on the disc.
-A hard drive or other storage medium with available storage space to save your edited files and backups.
-A CD burner with the ability to copy audio cds should you wish to make multiple copies of the audio cd.
-Microsoft word, or whatever equivalent you might be able to locate, to open, edit, and print the numerous editable templates.
- Microsoft’s PowerPoint, or whatever equivalent you might have, to open and edit the powerpoint presentation. (Free readers are
available on the internet as well).
- Microsoft’s Excel, or equivalent, to use the outcome assessment resource files.
- Adobe Acrobat or the FREE Adobe Reader which is downloadable from their website to open the files in pdf format
-A TV and DVD player, a portable dvd player or a laptop/computer with DVD drive to use the dvds (duh)
- You must supply various required paper for your projects, ink, envelopes, and any required postage or costs associated with
actually using the advertisements contained within in your kit.

If you don’t agree with the above describe terms please do not complete your purchase. You as the buyer agree that you understand
these terms and that you waive the right of first approval. Please note that due to the customized nature of the kits no returns are
accepted. However, our top priority is customer satisfaction, so contact us with any issues you might have.

Permission and Release Form
I hereby acknowledge and agree that I have reviewed all of the contact information I have provided to I have reviewed all information for accuracy and hereby declare that all information I have
provided is free from error and exactly as I desire it to appear in advertising templates and all related documentation. I also declare
that permission is granted to, its owners and staff (hereafter known as "the seller") to use
any and all of my digital photos submitted to within the next 30 days. Photo rights extend
ONLY to the templates and marketing materials I purchased and my photos can not and will not be distributed to any other parties or
used for any other purposes. If submitting a photo or likeness of myself I grant permission to the seller to edit and use this photo in
templates and documents designed for marketing of my practice. If I include photos of my staff I hereby declare that I have obtained
permission of these staff members and a copy of this release. I understand that I am responsible for obtaining permission of my staff
members to use their photos in any advertising. I hereby declare that I will obtain a signed release of any staff member prior to
submitting their photo to and prior to running any advertising featuring their photo or
likeness. I agree to obtain and keep on file, a signed copy of this release. I understand photos of patients or photos where patients are
recognizable are prohibited and those submitted will be denied and deleted. I acknowledge that any and all photos submitted may be
incorporated into my marketing kit and may ultimately be released and viewed by the public as advertising.
I understand that the materials I purchased are protected by copyright and may not be reformatted or redistributed for any other
purpose than direct marketing of my practice and the services I offer.
I waive the right of prior approval and hereby release and its owners and staff from any and all
claims for damages of any kind based on the use of the any of the information or marketing materials provided by them and any
subsequent alternate version or derivative of these materials. I acknowledge that I must read and agree to the terms of use document
included with my marketing materials before I begin using any of the materials.

Right to Revoke: You have the right to revoke this Release at any time by providing written notice of your revocation and submitting
it to the seller. Please understand that revocation of this Release does not entitle the purchaser to any refund and does not affect any
action the seller has taken in reliance on this Release before receiving your revocation.

By completing your purchase and submitting your practice contact information and/or digital pictures you are effectively
acknwoledging that you have read, understand, and are in agreeement with all of the terms described above.

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