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Posted on January 3rd, 2010 by Dr. James
We all Love Free Chiropractic Pictures and More

Everyone loves FREE STUFF!

Everyone loves free stuff, even Doctors of Chiropractic!  We know that so we decided to reserve a special spot in our blog for this very reason.  Check this page often for links to very cool FREE chiropractic “stuff”.

We’ll be providing links for freebies from us and our friends and colleagues.  If you have a free e-book for chiropractors, free chiropractic resources or something with real informational value for today’s chiropractor then feel free to contact us

The majority of these links will be directly chiropractic related.  However if we come across a VERY cool tool or resource that will improve your life, make promoting your chiropractic practice easy, or otherwise make your day we’ll link to that too!

Just please realize we WILL review what you have to offer and if it’s nothing but blatant self promotion we won’t link to it.  Things like sketchy affiliate marketing programs or e-books consisting of little more than begging or demanding we purchase your REAL program aren’t going to cut it!  Of course self promotion is acceptable, you just need to have the right balance.

And now that I’m off that mini rant, I’d like to announce our first link to cool chiropractic free stuff.  Our first link is from us (go figure) and it’s a link to free chiropractic digital prints we used as a promotion to celebrate our launch of

Free Chiropractic Picture Digital BJ Palmer Epigram/Quote Prints:


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