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Posted on January 6th, 2010 by Dr. James

We are known mostly for our affordable chiropractic patient education products, chiropractic/spinal decompression marketing, and hand painted chiropractic art.  We also offer a variety of services to help you market and promote your chiropractic practice via the internet.

Need help marketing your chiropractic practice via the internet?  Check out our new site: We are headed by a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic who built his practice from scratch using the power of free or low cost chiropractic internet advertising. We offer a variety of chiropractic internet marketing services and original content creation and writing.  Some examples include:

Blogging: We can help set up your free Chiropractic blog or, for the greatest exposure, we can setup and handle all of your chiropractic blogging needs on the popular WordPress blogging platform.  We can also help author or guest author blog posts, or we can write ALL of your blog posts.  We do this with specific key words and geo-specific SEO marketing in mind to get your blog traffic from visitors in area.

Article writing: We are available to write original chiropractic articles for your chiropractic practice.  We can ghost-write articles, re-write existing articles, and can even handle all of the submission to many article submission sites.  Article submission is a great way to position yourself as the chiropractic expert in your community.  If you aren’t using articles to drive search engine traffic to your site and patients into your practice, you need to start NOW!  It can be very time consuming but that’s why we are here to handle the dirty work!

Chiropractic Website Design:

At we can get your practice online or revamp your existing chiropractic website.   We can handle your chiropractic website design needs with as much (or little) of your own personal involvement.  Clueless about website design, html, php, webhosting, domain registration, control panels and all that mumbo jumbo? No problem! We can handle it all for you.  We can suggest your website name, register your domain/site name, setup your hosting account and design and publish  your chiropractic website.

On a tight budget? We can get your practice online with a basic chiropractic website which you can upgrade in a future when funds allow!

Twitter and Social Media:

By now you are probably tired of hearing about Twitter and other social media.  The fact is these sites are the future of chiropractic marketing and they are hear to stay.  Creating, managing, and using Twitter and other sites to their full extent is very time consuming and often impossible for the full time Doctor of Chiropractic.

We offer services ranging from consultation to full optimized creation and management of Twitter accounts and more!

We can promote your practice by tweeting about it from one of our accounts, or design a custom branded account just for your practice!

For a reasonable fee we can create and handle multiple twitter accounts for your practice!  All you need to do is supply your practice information, some photos, and we take it from there.

After we create your account, profile, and information you simply approve it and we do all the work for you!  There is no easier way to start marketing your chiropractic practice via Twitter and other social media sites.  Most doctors practicing more than 3 days a week do NOT have time to manage all of this information themselves.

Hiring someone other than a chiropractor to tweet or post internet content for you is an accident waiting to happen.  We are practicing Doctors of Chiropractic and sensitive to the unique advertising needs of today’s Chiropractor.  You need to post original, ethical content that complies with advertising and scope of practice regulations, and we can know this!

We can also help you create and maintain Facebook, Myspace, and YouTube accounts.  If you need help designing and starting a basic website we can do this as well.  Although they work great to help drive traffic to a website, you don’t even need a website to market your chiropractic practice via social media advertising.

Chiropractic Logo Design:

Let us design an affordable, effective chiropractic logo for your practice.

Directory Listing Submission:

We can submit your practice to a variety of local and national chiropractic and health care provider directories.   These range from free to paid directories that allow potential patients to search for Doctors of Chiropractic via zip code and more.

Chiropractic Press Release Creation and Submission:

We have the experience needed to help you create effective press releases.  Whether you are seeking to promote a single event or service, or your practice in general, we can help!

We’ll create press releases and submit them to numerous sites.  Pricing is based on the number of releases we need to create and how many sites we need to submit them to.  We can submit to one or dozens of press release sites.  Within days you will see increased exposure for your practice and increased traffic to your practice website!

Contact Us for More Information:

Pricing varies greatly depending on what you need so contact us to have us work up an unbelievably affordable quote for you and your practice!

If you have something in mind that isn’t discussed here contact us and we’ll discuss what you need! So don’t waste another minute…contact us to start promoting your chiropractic practice via the internet and take your practice to the next level!

[email protected]

Promoting Chiropractic Equipment, Products or Services for Doctors of Chiropractic?:

We work and have worked with a variety of equipment manufacturers, sites, and vendors.  We do anything from cross promotion, link exchanges, to technical writing and content creation.

If you are going to outsource your chiropractic marketing and promotion efforts, what better way than with a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic heading the efforts?  Don’t trust someone or some large corporation who doesn’t know the chiropractic profession.  Let us know what you need and we can supply it at the price you need!


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