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Done properly, a chiropractic press release packs a double whammy.  It can bring the attention of your local media and greatly increase traffic to your website.  First, let’s look at how a press release can garner the attention of your local media.

The traditional inherent value of a press release is getting the attention of your local media.  A press release is noticed by, or often submitted directly to, a local newspaper or other media outlet.  These outlets, hungry to fill space, spread community related news, or looking for personal interest stories, will often contact the issuer of the press release for more information for a full story.

This used to be the be all end all of the press release.  You submitted it to your local newspaper and media outlets and hoped for the best.  Those days are long gone and you can thank the internet.  The internet is the key to unlocking the true potential of a press release.  Thanks to the web, the press release is now one of the single most powerful marketing tools available to the modern chiropractor.

A well written chiropractic press release can be of incalculable benefit to your chiropractic internet marketing.  Issuing press releases on a regular basis can boost your website’s search ranking, get your practice listed at the top of local chiropractic search results, drive visitors to your practice’s website, keep your name in front of your community, position you as the local expert in your field and much more.  When combined with social media and other internet marketing, a press release can reap even more benefits.

Is there a downside? Of course.  As with anything else, there are negative aspects associated with press releases.  There is a mild learning curve and writing, editing, and submitted press releases can be a very time consuming process. Although not extremely difficult, learning to effectively write and submit press releases can take a great deal of time.  There is an easier way:

At ChiropracticPR we believe in the power of the chiropractic press release so much we’ve built an entire site around it!  At you can take advantage of our extremely affordable Chiropractic press release services.  Simply give us a topic and we’ll write your press release for you.  No learning curve, no wasted time!

So stop by and learn all that the Chiropractic press release can do for you and your practice.  We also offer a variety of other services such as chiropractic web site design, social media marketing campaign management, logo design and much more. your home for Chiropractic Press Releases, affordable chiropractic internet marketing resources and much more!

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