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Chiropractic Patient Education: Is FREE affordable enough?

Posted on March 9th, 2010 by Dr. James

Chiropractic PowerPoints and other Chiropractic patient education doesn't need to cost hundreds of dollars!

Today a customer interested in one of our chiropractic patient education PowerPoint presentations emailed with a great question.
“Do I need the PowerPoint program to use your PowerPoints?”

Now the easy answer would be “of course you do”. This just isn’t true however. Although our presentations are created with Microsoft’s PowerPoint program, they can be used in other programs.

That’s right! There is an alternative to Microsoft’s rather pricey Office program!  There are plenty of free PowerPoint viewers available for download. I’m not a big fan of them since most are useless for editing the presentation.  Since most of our customers buy our PowerPoints for their full edit-ability, free viewers or not my first recommendation.

There is a near perfect alternative to all of Microsoft’s Office programs called The best part?’s suite of programs is absolutely FREE! is a suite of programs that are very similar to Microsoft’s Office. For Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint there is an free equivalent. Even better, OpenOffice will open, read, and edit Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents and vice versa.  I call OpenOffice a near perfect solution because with  some complex documents there may be some minor issues when converting between OpenOffice and Microsoft Office, but in my experience these situations are the exception. 

Now you may be wondering why I felt the need to blog about this topic. After I returned the customer’s email I began wondering how many other Chiropractic offices miss out on the opportunity to educate their chiropractic patients with technology such as PowerPoint presentations and Word Processor templates.

I know many new Chiropractic offices and recent graduates can’t afford Microsoft prices. Budget conscious practices in a tough economy may not be willing to shell out hundreds of dollars to educate their patients either. may be the perfect solution.

One of our main missions is to provide affordable chiropractic patient education resources to the chiropractic profession. Our affordable chiropractic patient education products do little good to the practice that can’t, or won’t, afford expensive programs needed to use them.

Let me clarify things and say I have nothing against Microsoft Office. It’s an awesome set of programs that allows you to do amazing things. However, it’s price tag can be a barrier for some chiropractic students and offices. I also want to point out none of us here are affiliated with We get nothing for referring you to their free programs.   We just think their free alternative to Microsoft Office is a great option.  We aren’t alone.  According to the site over 100 MILLION people have clicked to download version 3.0 of!

Between our affordable chiropractic PowerPoint presentations and you have one less excuse for not educating your chiropractic patients!

So head on over to and read more about their “free and open productivity suite”.  After that stop by our site and check out our affordable chiropractic, spinal decompression, and cold laser marketing and patient education products.  From PowerPoint presentations, advertising templates and kits to waiting room DVDs, we have the economical chiropractic patient education products to fit your needs!

Even if you have no intentions of purchasing one of our products I encourage you to check out OpenOffice and begin creating your own chiropractic patient education documents and presentations.  With a little time you can create FREE chiropractic patient education presentations.  Educated patients are vital to the success of your practice and our profession.

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