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We're giving to help the American Red Cross Help those in Haiti and in other areas of need.

We're members of the Chiropractic profession hoping to turn a small gesture into a big impact.

We’ve been moved by the terrible tragedy of the earthquake in Haiti. Looking at the horrible images and heroic efforts of everyone involved it’s hard not to be motivated to take action.  Times like these put our own trivial troubles and problems in perspective. Jumping on a plane and helping out isn’t an option (and isn’t even advised by officials at this point) so we wanted to come up with a way to do a small part to help out with this, and any other crisis.

Donating to the American Red Cross seemed like the obvious first step. We decided donating a percentage of all our proceeds made on Ebay was the easiest, and fastest way for us to get started. With just a few clicks we were able to arrange to donate 10% of all of our proceeds made on Chiropractic products sold on ebay to the American Red Cross.

Why the American Red Cross?

 Obviously they are one of the most most recognized charitable organizations around. Charity scams and con artists are everywhere waiting to take advantage of a public with good intentions. We feel comfortable donating to the Red Cross and know you will too. In addition, donating to the Red Cross allows your funds to be directed where they are most needed, whether it be in Haiti or  another crisis relief effort.

So to make a long story short, if you have a need or desire to stock up chiropractic patient education, chiropractic art, or our other products now is the time! We are donating 10% of all proceeds from our current chiropractic ebay listings. Some examples include:
Chiropractic art: hand painted chiropractic spine paintings
Chiropractic Patient Education PowerPoint Presentations
Chiropractic Patient Education DVDs
Spinal Decompression Marketing Kits
Spinal Decompression PowerPoint Presentations and DVDs
Chiropractic Marketing
Chiropractic Outcomes Assessment Resource Kits
Cold Laser Marketing and Patient Education
Cold Laser PowerPoint presentations
Cold Laser Waiting Room DVDs
And More!
So check out all of our ebay chiropractic product listings and see for yourself.

Even if you don’t purchase from us, I encourage you to donate what you can at the American Red Cross homepage or with another organization.  If we all can contribute even $5.00 to $10.00 we can have a significant impact!

Now that it’s 2010 it seems the ideal time to think about the future of chiropractic marketing and patient communication.  That future is the internet and social media.

That’s not revolutionary or ground breaking.  Honestly it’s nothing that hasn’t been said hundreds of times before; but it’s so important it needs repeating!

  Since you’re reading this and have found this post, it’s safe to say you’re comfortable with the internet.  That doesn’t mean you’ve tapped the web to it’s full potential for growing your chiropractic practice.  I’d wager you haven’t even scratched the surface!  On the dawn of a new decade I’d like you to think about investing more of your time, energy, and money in the power of internet marketing.

Print and Phone Books aren’t Enough Anymore!

In my own personal practice I’ve noticed fewer and fewer patients come from yellow page ads.  People just don’t use the phone book like they once did.  Why should they?  It’s usually more work to find the phone book in hard copy than it is to jump on the nearest device connected to the internet. 

Even the local yellow page ad sales reps know this.  Mine generally spends more time pushing the online directory and services than he does the print directory.  They’ve been issuing phonebooks in cd-rom format in many major cities for years now!  Isn’t that a sign of where things are heading?

Other print advertising, while still effective in my practice, is on borrowed time as well.  I still run some ads in the small local newspapers because of affordability.  Although cheap, they aren’t my most effective chiropractic advertising.

So what is one of the most effective and affordable methods of chiropractic marketing?  For me it is internet marketing, hands down! 

The future is the internet and social media.

Times are changing rapidly.  The general public looks to the internet and social more than ever before.  After all, where do you head when you need more information about a company, product, person, or service?  Where do you turn if you need to research a certain health condition, drug, or specific medical procedure? 

Your potential patients are no exception. You know this, and your competition does as well.  With this realization in mind, ask yourself:

Is the internet working FOR you or AGAINST you?

Are you using the free and low cost resources available via the internet to promote your practice?  Are you using them to their full potential? Is your competition? 

If you don’t have them already, you MUST create the following three things for yourself and/or your practice:

  1. A Website

  2. A Blog

  3. A Twitter account


These are the bare minimum.  Chances are your competition has already done this and much more!  Accomplishing the three goals above will set the foundation for using the internet to promote your practice in the future.

If you’ve already done all of the above then congratulations, but it’s still not enough.  NOW is the time to do more.  Learn how to take your chiropractic marketing on the internet to the next level.  Join other social media sites. Learn about press releases, pay per click, rss feeds, article writing, and more!

Having a strong internet presence isn’t a chiropractic marketing afterthought anymore.  It is a must!  You must learn to tap the power of the web to its full potential. . . only then will the internet work for YOU and not for the practice down the street.

First let me open by saying this post is going to be a little short on offering much in the way of tips or useful advice.   (I can already hear the sarcastic, “So what else is new” comments rolling in . . . so spare me.) 😉

In all seriousness I want to throw some random thoughts out there about something I’m sure we all experience in our chiropractic practices.  We’ve all had those times when for whatever reason we keep seeing the same symptom or complaint.  I find it absolutely astonishing how symptoms and musculoskeltal complaints can sometimes roll into a chiropractic office with amazing patterns and predictability. 

Now before someone jumps on me for not being a “principled chiropractor”, let me just state:

I KNOW Chiropractic isn’t about chasing symptoms. 

That being said, how many times a year do you have one of those weeks?You know the weeks I’m referring to.   Those weeks where you already KNOW what the next patient’s chief complaint is.  Let me give you an example.  

A few months back I had the great left sacro-iliac pain pandemic of 2009.  For some unknown reason everyone had sacro-iliac joint pain….but not JUST left SIJ pain. Oh no. That wouldn’t have been strange enough.  To make the universe even more mysterious, this was the great localized LEFT-UPPER sacro-iliac joint pain pandemic of 2009. 

Now I said everyone and I was of course exaggerating.  However, I’m not kidding when I say 60-75% of patients came in complaining of left SI joint pain.  Now I could blow this off if these patients had something in common.  They didn’t.  Maybe they were friends, co-workers, or had other similarities. Nope.  I could even disregard this occurence if it was the first time I’ve experienced something similar.  It wasn’t.

Two  to three times a year I have one of these strange stretches where I SWEAR I’ve somehow stepped into a chiropractic Bermuda triangle.  “Can you point with one finger to where it hurts?” [Insert the themesong from The Twighlight Zone  here]

The past two weeks have been no exception.  I have now reached what I can only hope is the conclusion of the great right lower cervical/upper trapezius pain and stiffness epidemic of 2009-2010. 

For the past 2 weeks I had about an 80% chance of being correct if I bet the next patient to walk through the door would have a chief complaint of pain and stiffness in the right lower cervical spine and  right upper trapezius area.  WEIRD!    I am continually amazed when I try to figure out just why things run in these coincidental outbreaks. 

I thought I had it outsmarted.  I was confident I could narrow this down to all of my right sided sleepers, or my Nintendo Wii bowlers, or my right handed coffee drinking knitters, or my snow shovelling patients, or my manual transmission drivers.  To my dismay all of these theories were proven incorrect.

There has to be more going on here but I can’t figure it out!  Nor can I afford to hire the staff of HOUSE M.D. to figure it out for me.   For the sake of my sanity, and to avoid stumbling into conspiracy theory land, I give up!

Instead I’m seizing this opportunity to coin what I believe is a new phrase and a new concept in chiropractic:

“Symptom Trending.” 

If you use Twitter or other social media websites, you are probably already familiar with the concept of trending.  If you aren’t, let me explain.  The easiest definition is to say “trending” is the concept of describing what the most popular topic of the day or moment is.  If everyone is talking about the movie Avatar, or the cost of a gallon of gas..these are “trending”.  Holy cow…I managed to teach some of you something in this post after all!

I proudly proclaim myself the inventor, founder, and developer of the concept of chiropractic symptom trending.  FIRST! So feel free to comment or email to let me know let me know what symptoms are trending at your practice. (And don’t say accounts recievable because that’s not my area!)

Now that I’ve invented this hot new concept all I have to do is convince every Chiropractor on Twitter to start tweeting  symptom hashtags.  You know, things like:




Something tells me the odds aren’t stacked in my favor!

-Dr. James

Make Time for Goals and Chiropractic Success!

Posted on January 5th, 2010 by Dr. James

So this morning I sat down to check some messages and tweets on Twitter and IT happened: . . . One of those rare 140 character or less tweets that engages you and makes you think. (Sometimes they are few and far between).  A friend, @UnlimitedLeads, posed a great question:

What are my three biggest goals for 2010?

Now I have to be honest: I hadn’t taken the time to sit down and write out a list of goals for 2010.  That’s not to say I didn’t come up with a list of goals, I just didn’t write them down.

Goals are so much more tangible and somehow more meaningful when you can hold them in your hand and look at them with your own eyes.  Writing out a list of goals makes you much more likely to commit to accomplishing them.  Making a  list of goals to accomplish is vital for personal success. 

Listing goals is no less important for the growth and prosperity of a chiropractic practice.  If you haven’t done so I urge you to take 5 or 10 minutes and write out a list of 10 goals for you and your chiropractic practice for 2010. 

This morning’s innocent tweet was great because it also made me think in a different frame of mind.  I generally spend a lot of time setting very specific goals.  Specificity is great, but this morning I realize it can sometimes hinder your potential for success when it comes to setting goals.

There is a certain creativity that is lost if you only make a list of specific goals.  This morning I was challenged to list my three biggest goals for 2010.  This forced me to come up with a list of 3 broad goals for 2010.  The beauty of making broad goals is the door is left wide open as to how you go about meeting these goals. What a great way to get those creative juices flowing!

I encourage you to make 2 separate lists of goals for your chiropractic practice for 2010.  Make the first a list of 10 or so specific goals.  You can be very specific and detailed.  List statistics you want to meet or exceed and even describe exactly how you plan to accomplish these goals. 

Make your second list 3 broadly defined goals for your chiropractic practice.  These can be as simple as:  “improve the chiropractic knowledge of my patients” or “learn a new treatment technique to offer my chiropractic patients”.

I think this will work great for you in 2010.  Now that we have our lists we need to keep them somewhere they won’t be lost and forgotten.  I’ve copied my lists and posted them at home and the office.  I’ve even posted my three main goals on the dry erase board in my office for all patients to see!  I can think of no better way to stay on purpose and focused then having my chiropractic patients holding me accountable! 

Happy 2010 @UnlimitedLeads and thanks for a great tweet that made me think!

Now I’d like to know YOUR goals.  Tell me readers, what are your 3 main goals for 2010?  Take the poll here, use the form below, or contact us!  I look forward to hearing and discussing all of your great responses!

-Dr. James

Memorable Chiropractic Practice Names: Fun and Effective

Posted on January 4th, 2010 by Dr. James

We’ve all come across the basic and standard chiropractic practice names. The last name clinics and wellness centers aren’t bad or wrong, they’re just well..a little boring (especially when you take orders and ship to dozens of them on a weekly basis).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to offend anyone. There is nothing wrong with “Smith Chiropractic” or “Chiropractic Wellness Center”. It’s just every once in awhile I come across a very original name that pushes the boundary of chiropractic practice names.

These chiropractic practices are usually well known simply because of their name. It gets even better when the unique name goes with a cool theme. These practices are fun and I ALWAYS remember them. Isn’t that the point?

As we roll into the start of 2010 is it time to think about rebranding yourself and even renaming your chiropractic practice? Now I know what you are thinking: if you are incorporated, trademarked, and registered with your state and county it might be a big deal to just up and change the name of your practice. Then again a sole proprietor might be able to do it painlessly.

A unique and memorable name for a chiropractic practice may be just what the doctor ordered! What better way to market and promote your practice than being on the tip of your community’s tongue? A little work changing your DBA may be worth the effort.

So let’s start the year off by having some fun. What is the best, most memorable, most unique name for a chiropractic practice you have come across? Use the form below to submit your entry. Feel free to vote for yourself, a friend, a relative, or a total stranger! Leave a little contact information (email address optional) if you want some credit for nominating since we’ll be listing and discussing the best entries.

One of my favorites has always been “Thoracic Park Alternative Health, Chiropractic and Acupuncture” in Prospect, Connecticut.  I don’t know the Doctor or staff and I’ve never been there, but it’s a unique name I somehow heard of  while in chiropractic college. So tell me readers, what is your favorite?

If you have difficulty using the form or just don’t want to, you can always just email us ([email protected]) or leave your reply in the comments section!

Chiropractic Online Marketing

What corner of the internet is YOUR source for new chiropractic patients?

Since you’re reading this, and since it’s 2010, it’s safe to say you do at least some form of online advertising and marketing to promote your chiropractic practice.  We’re curious as to what the trend in online chiropractic advertising is so we’re collecting data for a future blog series. 

If you’d be interested in helping out we’d be grateful!  Please take a moment and tell us what kind of online chiropractic marketing works best for you:

Is it Pay per click/impression? Is blogging where it’s at? Is article writing the key to generating new chiropractic patients?  Sound off and give us YOUR opinion by taking our poll!  Don’t worry, there’s no sign up, no giving out your email address, no catch.  Just click, and voice your opinion.  If we’ve totally missed the boat and you want us to include something else let us know!  We’ll tally the results for a future blog post where we’ll break down the nitty gritty of what YOU say works and what’s a bust. 

So take a minute and vote! But hurry because the poll closes 1/15/2010!  Thanks for participating and be sure to check back in the future for our discussion of the results and more.

-Dr. James

Don’t miss all of our previous posts!

Posted on January 2nd, 2010 by Dr. James

If you are new to our little chiropractic blog, then you probably aren’t aware we’ve been at it for quite some time.  We’ve been offering some pretty cool chiropractic patient education and marketing tips and more at our other blog:

We’ve sort of outgrown the blog format over at Blogger and needed something we host ourselves to provide more content with more flexibility.  We’ve moved to wordpress format and just haven’t had time to migrate the old posts over yet.  Until we do, don’t miss all the old, and some new, posts at our home on!

We want your opinion!  What form of chiropractic marketing works best?  Is old fashioned print and display advertising where its at?  Do TV or Radio generate tons of new chiropractic patients?  Feel social media and the internet can’t be beat for promoting your chiropractic practice?  Tell us what form of chiropractic marketing and advertising works best!  Click here to take our chiropractic marketing poll and voice your opinion. 

Don’t worry, there’s no signups, no email address, no catch!  We just want your opinion and we’ll analyze and discuss the results in a future post! Vote now because the poll closes January 2nd, 2010!

Our Newest Home For Chiropractic Blogging!

Posted on December 31st, 2009 by Dr. James

Hello everyone!  I’d like to welcome you to the newest home for the chiropractic blog.  I signed us up for a WordPress account about 8 months ago and just haven’t made time to figure it out and start working with it.

Time constraints pretty much demanded that I set a blog up quickly and for that was chosen.  I must say it is very easy to use and you can set it up very quickly.  However, it does have some limitations and we want a little more control over content and layout.  So far WP seems to offer it.  Once I’ve comitted to sitting down and taking 10 minutes to begin learning it, WordPress isn’t really much more difficult to work with.  That being said, they’re both GREAT and we’ll continue to use both services to blog and reach out to our chiropractic profession!

So for my first post I just wanted to officially wish everyone a safe and happy end to their 2009 and a healthy and prosperous 2010!  All the best!

-Dr. James


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